Visit Worship Service

9:00 am on Sundays at the New Ulm Community Center (600 German St.)

Visit Welcome Table

The Welcome Table is located just outside the cafetorium!  This is the place to pick up a brochure, Next Steps Card, or a Connection Card and speak with someone who can help answer any questions you have about GCC.

Receive a Brochure & Next Steps Card

The brochure and Next Steps Card are perfect for first-time visitors or someone who has been attending for a short time.  The brochure gives some basic information about GCC and the Next Steps Card lays out some easy things to do if you are looking to get connected!

Connection Card

Filling out a connection card allows us to connect with you by email or phone and is one of the first steps to getting connected at GCC.  It also helps us place you in a fellowship group.

Attend a Fellowship Group

These groups are a way to get people at GCC who are “neighbors” to be able to connect through meals, game nights, kid’s sports, etc.  You will be invited to gatherings with your fellowship group, but it is always optional to attend!

Attend an Event

Sometimes there are special events going on like women’s gatherings, concerts, or youth-oriented activities.  To see if there are any events coming up, please check our calendar.

Connect Through Life-Giving Relationship

One of the best ways to Connect with Grace is to form a relationship with someone attending GCC. By life-giving relationship, we are talking more than just a casual acquaintance or brief hello or checking in with news, weather, or sports. Life-Giving Relationships help infuse the Gospel into the relationship, connecting in Christ as well as with each other.

Form Relationship with Another Grace Family

This pathway stone is an extension of the one above, where one person or their whole family connects to another family to connect with Grace. Now you are connecting at multiple levels: kids, homes, and parents.