Weekly Connections – Meet the Wenninger’s

Grace Community Family  – MEET THE WENNINGER’S


Good afternoon every one! I hope that your week is going great and trusting that God is continuing to bless each and every one of you! This week we are going to get to know  Neal and Amanda Wenninger just a little bit better…

Tell us about your family… We were married just this past summer on June 22nd! Neal works for UFC out of Gaylord. Amanda is a kindergarten teacher at Franklin Elementary in Mankato. We have a very playful husky puppy named Samson! Amanda stays busy trying to train him. Neal is serving in his 7th year with the National Guard.

What brought you to GCC?….Neal was involved in the Mankato E-Free Church and was given the opportunity to be on the core team for GCC. We started attending GCC together shortly after the church started meeting every other week during the summer of 2012.

What GCC activities/groups do you participate in? Neal is on the deacon board and helps with the youth ministry. Together we have participated in a few different community groups including Love & Respect, a monthly fellowship dinner, and Financial Peace University.

If you could share 1 thing with everyone you talked to about why you attend GCC, what would it be? We would share that it is a very welcoming place where people are intentional about getting to know you and building relationships. It is also a place where you can see people display the joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.  We feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to grow in our relationship with Christ as well as the fellow believers at Grace Community.


  •  Looking for a practical way to help out at Church? We are looking for individuals to help with Sunday Morning Worship Prep! This will include the setting up of the room, sound system and computer. This is not a weekly commitment and there will be a regular schedule created! This is a great way to get involved if you are looking for an area in which to serve. For more information please talk to Glenn Wenninger or Pat Doyle.
  •  Easter Choir: Join the Easter Choir! This Choir will sing Easter Sunday. (April 20th) The choir will be singing 2 songs. It’s open to anyone who enjoys singing! Practices will be held on Saturday April 5th & Saturday April 19th at 9:30am in the Church Office. If you would like more information please contact Ellen Juni 


  •  Children’s Church Update:

Dear Parents,

As we begin to unwrap the big picture of God’s story through the pages of His Word, it is important for boys and girls to grasp a full understanding of how sin entered the world. God’s story starts in the glorious perfection of creation but soon is marred by personal and tragic sin.

Sin is defined as breaking God’s law, and sin separates people from God. When Adam and Eve chose to break the one rule God had given them, sin entered not only their lives, but the lives of all mankind. When Adam and Eve sinned, they failed to give God the Glory He deserved.

In God’s glorious way, He chose not to leave Adam, Eve, and all of humanity without hope. God sent His Son, Jesus, to live as Adam didn’t – perfectly sinless. Jesus was God in the form of a man sent to rescue people from their sin.


Jill Stark and Anna Friese


  •  Survey info from the Chairman:)

Greetings!! As I mentioned at church on Sunday, our Leadership Counsel (Elders, Deacons, Ministry Team Leaders) and then later the Elder Board will be holding planning sessions to celebrate where God has brought us and seek His guidance on our future direction. As we move forward, we want to make sure that we continue to do the basics. For us, that means our Purpose Statement and Core Values. We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete a short survey on these items. Please follow the link below for the survey, answer the questions, and click DONE to submit your survey. These are anonymous, but you can add your name at the end if you would like to be contacted to discuss your comments, etc. Leah, will be out of the office this week, so if you have any problems with the survey, please contact me directly. We will also have a handful of hard copies at the service this Sunday if you are unable to complete the on-line version. We will be gathering up the data next Sunday, so please complete the survey this week.  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NGZBKG6

Thank you and God Bless!

Jeff Juni